Benefits Of The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (ISUPs)

Paddle boarding using a stand-up board is both fun and addictive. In addition, the inflatable SUP boards provide very healthy workout sessions in water activities. Inflatable stands up paddleboards are customized to meet specific needs of the user. Click here for the best inflatable sup. While ISUPs are quickly gaining popularity around the world, the following are the benefits of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards.



Using an inflatable stand up paddleboard, one is able to enjoy outdoor water activities while exploring the water thrills. Inflatable paddleboards are very stable and allow the user to enjoy quick paddling for leisure due to their unique maneuverability abilities and speed. Moreover, one is able to float on water without sinking and able to move on water. These paddleboards are used for racing, touring, exercise as well as surfing.

Convenient and compact

Inflatable SUPs are easy to transport as well as store. This is because they can be deflated when not in use, folded and stored in their carry bags. This makes the Inflatable SUPs very easy to transport when traveling both for short or long distances. Moreover, when deflated and folded they become compact hence occupy very small space hence their storage is also very convenient.


Inflatable SUPs are very light and need only the effort of a single person to carry them either on their backs or pull using one arm. The PVC materials commonly used are very light but very durable. Depending on size and construction Inflatable SUPs weigh between 15lbs and 35lbs.

Strong and durable

Inflatable SUPs are made of strong materials such as military grade PVC and well stitched at the right places to increase its longevity when in use. Inflatable SUPs are rugged, nearly indestructible and ding proof. However, care should be taken to avoid paddling the board over rough surfaces or sharp objects that are likely to cause a tear and wear on the surface of the inflatable SUP.


Inflatable SUP feels very hard when fully inflated to the maximum PSI level. As a result, the paddleboard is able to provide sufficient surface area for the user and guarantees stability over water. However, despite the surface being hard, one cannot injure themselves when they fall on the board’s surface making it very user-friendly. Moreover, with a traction pad, the user is able to get more cushioning and a firm grip.


Inflatable SUPs can be used by people of different ages and different skill levels. This is because they have all-round features that make them easy to maneuver, surf or paddle in different water surfaces and speeds.  Moreover, due to their stability, it becomes very easy to use for the whole family or with pets. Moreover, inflatable SUPs can be used to paddle over winding rivers, flat lakes, whitewater rapids and ocean surf and bays.