Things to know before visiting Canada

So you are visiting Canada for the first time? I bet you are very excited about your upcoming trip. But have you done your homework yet? Do you already know the basic things that you should know and prepare before heading to the said country? If not, then continue reading this article.

Visiting Canada for the first time

dhghdd64Needless to say, this country has become one of the most popular destinations for people who love to travel and see the different countries in the world. Why Canada? Well, first and foremost, this country is very beautiful. If you have seen the pictures of the mountains and lakes in this place and you were amazed, how much more if you see them in person?

Also, Canadians are said to be very friendly and approachable, so you won’t feel like ‘out of place’ when you get there. Who knows, you might even be able to make new friends.

Travel documents

The very first preparation that you have to make if you are going to Canada for the first time is to see to it that you have the right travel documents. Of course, you would need a passport and a visit visa. You need to find out what type of visa you would need. Take note that there are some countries who are not required to apply for the regular tourist visa. For countries like Netherlands, the citizens do not need the traditional visa. If you are a Dutch national, you only need the so-called Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA which you can apply for with the help of agencies like EVISUMSERVICE.

Canadian money

As a tourist, you should make sure that you have Canada’s currency (known as Canadian dollars) in your pocket. When it comes to their coins, you are likely to hear the terms ‘loonie’ and ‘toonie’.

Before you depart, you should check out the current exchange rate so you would know how much money you need to convert. You can have your local money converted into Canadian dollars at the money exchange outlets in your home country, or you can also do so once you get to Canada.

Places to visit

hgdhdgd64There are so many tourist attractions in Canada. You can go to Niagra Falls, Kluane National Park, Yukon, Nova Scotia, The Canadian Rockies, Prince Edward Island, West Edmonton Mall, and many more. For sure, you won’t run out of places to visit because like what we have mentioned earlier, Canada is full of amazing sceneries.